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Restoration of Austin Sculpture

We receive a huge amount of correspondence from Austin Sculpture lovers who have damaged their sculpture and who are looking for help in restoring it to its former glory. Stories of fluffy the cat attacking a prized Rodin, children using Darwin's Ape as an action figure and the husband knocking off The Bear whilst dusting for the first time ever are not at all uncommon! If you have a sculpture which has been damaged or for some reason isn't looking its best then contact us because we can probably help you.

Small chips and scratches

We have access to nearly all the finishes that Austin Sculpture used when they created your sculpture and a wide range of fixing material and tools to help make those unwanted chips and scratches a thing of the past. This type of work tends to be carried out in house by our experienced staff, we are very experienced with this type of restoration. However, if we have any doubts whatsoever as to whether we can repair an item to its former glory in-house then we will always pass it on to one of several leading ceramics restorers we work with for their truly expert touch.

Breaks and more serious damage

Where the damage to your sculpture has been substantial we can arrange for your sculpture to be looked at by one the several leading ceramics restorers we work with on a regular basis. These people are true professionals who make a living from restoring ceramics of a number of different varieties including extremely expensive antiques. Your sculpture will be in the best of hands. Contact us if your sculpture is damaged and needs the finest expert repair.

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